> Hi, I would like to ask for the development team's consideration for
> implementing the OpenPalette format for their palettes.
> OpenPalette is really hoping for a medium with interoperability and
> flexibility. The file format is XML-based; there's a DTD and XSD already
> written and ready for business. There's a lot more information at the site
> (http://openpalette.uk.to), if you are willing to look into it. You can
> also download a PDF concerning OpenPalette here.
> Thanks; if you have any questions, I'm ready to answer.

It would seem straightforward enough to have GIMP load or save your
OpenPalette files -- a plug-in could easily be written or the built-in
function enhanced to offer the option. It would be beneficial to have a
common format for palettes shared between different editing programs;
however, adoption as a replacement for the current palette file format
would up to others.

The format seems rather wasteful of filespace, with the tags using about
three times the space of the data; but I guess that's the nature of XML
(and I am trying to get over decades of being a bit-pincher).

I feel it is a requirement that your format support some way of declaring
the palette's "license", which would typically be a couple of dozen lines
in length. Owing to the length, perhaps a separate tag should be allowed
for. The same could be said about a "comment" field, offering multiple
lines of descriptive commentary could prove useful.

I would assume that your format will eventually have the "type" attributes
for the "value" element expanded to include more than just the 24-bit RGB

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