>> I agree with all of your suggestions. I would assume that changes made
>> in the dialog would update the stroke interactively and, hopefully, that
>> the path could be reshaped while the dialog remained open. This would be
>> very useful.
> Those are both feasible, but they go beyond the scope of what I'm
> suggesting at this point, if I understand you.  If by the second point you
> mean, reshape the path and the stroke will automatically follow, you are
> basically asking for vector shapes.

Not really vector shapes -- which might be reshaped after the dialog was
closed -- just that the effect of changes in the dialog would be
represented "on canvas".

> If you just mean that the dialog would
> allow you to change the path and then stroke the result, that wouldn't
> even need any work, it would happen automatically if the dialog stayed
> open.

If the dialog does not go away when the Stroke button is pushed (per item
#1 in your original post) then a second pressing of the button should
first remove the effect of the first stroke (in other words, the stroking
does not accumulate). I am assuming this is what you intended so that
multiple attempts could be made while getting the desired settings.

It is currently possible to reshape a path while the dialog is open so I
guess my point was just a cautionary note that a second stroking cannot
just "overwrite" the first assuming an unmodified path. It would also
require that path modifications send a notification that your handler
needs to update the stroke "preview" (not needed if Akkana's proposal were

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