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> From a user perspective, I think the ideal solution would be to treat 
> strokes on vectors similar to how Inkscape does it. For those not 
> familiar with Inkscape, it works by attaching line and fill properties 
> to the vector, which can be changed at any time. This is different from 
> GIMP, which simply renders a stroke straight into pixels, which is 
> somewhat less reversible. Unlike Inkscape however, GIMP should display 
> the stroke and fill in pixels at all times, so the user can preview what 
> the rastered result would look like and modify the vector accordingly.


You're asking for what we call "vector shapes" or "vector layers".
That's a longstanding goal, and a lot of the code to support it
has already been written, but there are still some problems that
need to be solved, probably too many to allow it to get into the
next version of GIMP (which aims to come out in 6 months or so).
What we are talking about here are less extensive changes that
might make it easier to work with stroking in the meantime.

Anyway, thanks for your input,

  -- Bill

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