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I think I need to follow up on my last message, because it
was read incorrectly by some people.  I should say that the
English skills of most of the people who contribute to GIMP
are so strong that I normally don't worry about how I say 
things, but in this case I assumed too much.

The phrase in question is, "that's some of the worst code in all
 of GIMP to mess around with", which was taken by some 
readers to mean "that's some of the worst code in GIMP".
To a native English speaker, it certainly does not mean
that.  It means, approximately, "it is dangerous to make 
changes to that code".  The word "worst" applies to "mess
around with", not to "code".  This sort of construction is
actually pretty common.  If I say, "he's a bad man to annoy",
it doesn't mean that he is a bad man---"bad" applies to "annoy",
not to "man".  I hope this makes my meaning more clear.

Whether it is, in fact, dangerous to make changes to the paint
core code is, of course, a different question, but I don't think
it is insulting to suggest this.  Some of the best code in GIMP
is very carefully written to deal with complicated situations,
and very dangerous to change, in other words, "bad to mess
around with".

 -- Bill

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