Hello all,

A few of our developers have noticed a rather concerning behavior with 
complex selection areas.  When you start out with a simple selection 
area (say a square) and start adding to it, the whole app seems to start 
slowing down.  After adding many area to the selection, the app as a 
whole seem to come to a screeching halt.  However, if you start out with 
a fairly complex area (i.e. using the magic wand), the app doesn't seem 
to have as much of a problem with the whole complex selection area. 

Has anybody else noticed this?  If so, have you found a work around or 
at least a probable cause?  We don't mind investing some time in fixing 
this, however, we would like to avoid duplicating effort.


Dan Gaudreault

CADlink Technology Corp.
2440 Don Reid Drive
Suite 100
Ottawa, ON   K1H 1E1

613-247-0850  ext.256

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