Hello dear honored, hard working developing gurus,

I recently heard much noise about, Online-Versions of Photoshop and 
OpenOffice.org and Services like SplashUP and FotoFlexer.

Let me explain: You guys are doing a hard and not very well paid job. But the 
thing is not about money, it is about attention.
How would people react if they found out that they had not to pay Adobe or guys 
like them a nice amount of XX$ for every little 
extra service, of what ordinary users could want to do with PS OnlineAccess.

I propose you, that if you have great stuff to offer via Python or other 
tool-sets, you could impress many people with (open)
services on which other people would be able to contribute functions and could 
have the same functionality for much less 
than the whole money seeking industry does want to.

and explain further:

I am an Internet programmer and developer, but I am not as good as I want to be 
because of a resource problem.
But I am looking for a long while onto the WWW platform and its technologies. 
AJAX with GEGL and some sort of 
a rich Internet Client could provide amazing contents to the open and free 
source community.

http://www.gimp.org/webaccess or http://www.gimp.org/webedit could be some 
reasonable URI's
If I had more time to spend, then I could provide to you a  sketch solution for 
my visions.

I am really looking forward to an answer of you, encouraging my little thoughts.

Yours faithfully,
Andreas P.

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