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> Right. We have discussed this in the past and we have come up with a
> simple and IMO very good solution that has several advantages over the
> approach that you are suggesting now. The solution is to allow tags to
> be assigned to data files. This allows the same data file to show up in
> several categories and it makes it easy to search for certain files.
> This is also the solution that is approved by the UI team. Please, by
> all means, let's not introduce something as obsolete as the system that
> you are suggesting now.

This mixes together two separate issues.  Tags are, as I have already agreed,
an excellent way of doing a search mechanism.  They don't get rid of the
need to have a workspace, though.  Suppose I want to switch back and
forth between five very different brushes.  Must I remember and select
a set of tags each time I switch?  That would be very unpleasant.  No,
whether or not there is a tag-based search system, there still needs to
be a way for the user to maintain a workspace holding a limited set of
arbitrarily chosen brushes.

  -- Bill

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