On Wednesday 16 January 2008 17:42, William Skaggs wrote:
> This mixes together two separate issues.  Tags are, as I have
> already agreed, an excellent way of doing a search mechanism.  They
> don't get rid of the need to have a workspace, though.  Suppose I
> want to switch back and forth between five very different brushes.
>  Must I remember and select a set of tags each time I switch?  That
> would be very unpleasant.  No, whether or not there is a tag-based
> search system, there still needs to be a way for the user to
> maintain a workspace holding a limited set of arbitrarily chosen
> brushes.

What about using...tags... for that?

The idea of such a workspace would be that it would display brushes 
containing a certain tag. In teh above use case, I'd just apply 
a "one-of-five-very-different-brushes"  tag to all the brushes.  For 
this to make sense  it _must_ be very easy and fast to edit a 
resource's tags. But that could be refined later on the development.

Actually, maybe it would make sense containers that could show several 
types of gimp data in a single dialog. So, if I am working 
with "trees", I'd have palettes, gradients, and brushes which show up 
in a single window. More than one such dialog should be allowed to be 
open at once, so that a user could simply drag and drop things around 
(and internally, tags are added/removed transparently). 

So ... the workflow for the case of use above would be something like:
create an empty "multicontainer", go to another "multicontainer" 
displaying only brushes (the equivalent of today's brushes dialog), 
type in a tag to the first brush, drag it into the empty new 
container - repeat for brushes 2-5. Start painting. When it is over, 
destroy the current container, or just save it under an arbitray tag 
name for later re-use. 

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