On Friday 18 January 2008 15:08, William Skaggs wrote:
> In any case, let me ask a basic sort of question about user
> interaction.  Suppose I'm a user, painting with a set of brushes.
> I decide that I want to use a certain grunge brush.  (Let's
> say I have a specific brush in mind, but all I remember about
> its tags is that it is  a grunge brush from a set I imported last
> week.)  What are the steps I have to take, as a user, in order
> to find the new brush and start using it, without losing access
> to the other brushes I am currently using?  (I'm willing to assume
> that if I load everything with the "grunge" tag, I will be able
> to find the brush I want in there.)

Of couse, this will have to be refined by the UI team.
But I have two ideas for it: one would be abel to type in tags into a 
dialgo shwing brushes without lossing the ones already selected. 
Like, just typing more tags on the tag text entry widget, and having 
tehn combiend as "or". The other one, is to allow the user to pop up 
another brushes dialog, in which he perfomes hs searches, He then can 
either select brushes from this ne dialog, or drag brushes from there 
to the first one, where they are transparently added to the group tag 
in use on the first window.

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