I guess the reason I'm in such a fog is that all of the tag-using
systems I know about are cumbersome, and allow methods
other than tags to be used to help.  Google, for example, is
in some sense a tag-based navigation system -- and it's
great, but you wouldn't want to depend entirely on it for
your web navigation -- you also need bookmarks, history,
and the URL entry to get a usable system.  Bugzilla also uses
tags, but only as a component.  If it were possible to point to
a program that already implements the sort of thing you
have in mind, it would be very helpful to me.

In any case, let me ask a basic sort of question about user
interaction.  Suppose I'm a user, painting with a set of brushes.
I decide that I want to use a certain grunge brush.  (Let's
say I have a specific brush in mind, but all I remember about
its tags is that it is  a grunge brush from a set I imported last
week.)  What are the steps I have to take, as a user, in order
to find the new brush and start using it, without losing access
to the other brushes I am currently using?  (I'm willing to assume
that if I load everything with the "grunge" tag, I will be able
to find the brush I want in there.)

  -- Bill
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