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 Leonardo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
 > Apparently they offer no link to download sources or compiled
 > It is quite cheap, but does it comply with Gimp license?
 GIMP's licence (the GNU GPL) requires that they make the source code
 available to anyone who receives a binary copy from them.  Maybe they
 you the source code after you buy the binary.  That would be fine.
 Does someone want to email them to check?  I can't find an email
 but maybe someone with better German could find one.

I will contact them.

I got a very clean and kind answer from their support. In short:

1) The source code of Gimp has not been changed: it is the same that can be 
downloaded from Gimp website.

2) The source of the Launcher, that makes Gmip portable, is in the CD, and it 
also is under GNU license.

3) Officebox24 does not take money for the software, but only for the
printing of the CD, for the Website maintenance costs, and for

That's it, sorry for raising a false red-flag.

Ciao, leodp

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