> > 1) The source code of Gimp has not been changed: it is the same
> > that can be downloaded from Gimp website.
> This is irrelevant - they have to offer the source code from the same
> place as the binary (or make arrangements with somebody to provide the
> source on their behalf; just pointing to a random site that happens to
> currently contain that source [even if that site is www.gimp.org] is
> not adequate).

I got an answer from officebox24 support, they have problems registering to the 
That should settle the discussion: Gimp source code is also on the CD. Below 
their email
Ciao, Leodp

Hello Leonardo,

I saw, that there was furthermore discussion about the source code for 
GIMP for sales.

The source code, for the launcher and for GIMP is on the CD. But its 
more easier to download it, because there no changes between the 
normal 2.4.2 version to the portable version.

I try to post it to the list, but I can't. Can you write it for me to 
the list?

Kind regards

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