Thanks. So where should I be looking in the code base ? I've never got involved 
in Gimp development before. I'd like to give it a shot when I have time. Maybe 
it will be clearer what is needed for MIDI slider/knob input when I look at the 


Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > I managed to get the Direct X input 
controller working with my Joystick. The
> buttons trigger various things OK, but I  can't get the Z Axis to control 
> sliders
> (the paint brush radius for example). Might be something I've misunderstood
> about the setup though.

It might also be just because of some bug in the directx input module.
It hasn't been extensively tested. I will have a look at it again

> Does MS Direct X input include Midi device support ?

Sorry, no idea. I would guess not.

> Who is working on the input module ?

I wrote the directx controller module, but it was a quick hack, and I
haven't looked at it since.


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