I have found posts related to this error in the forum, but nothing
really matches. I have also googled for a solution and found none.

The difficulty that I am having starts with this really simple python
script in a file called gimpTest.py:

from gimpfu import *
print "I am running the script"

It really does not get much simpler and yes there is a new line after
gimp.quit(). I then invoke it using:

gimp --no-interface --console-messages --no-data --no-splash
--batch-interpreter python-fu-eval --batch - < gimpTest.py

I expect the the line "I am running the script" to print and then GIMP
to exit -- see http://www.gimp.org/docs/python/index.html for details on
gimp.quit(). Well, if that is what happens, then I would not be posting
this email. Here is what happens:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~$ gimp --no-interface --console-messages --no-data
--no-splash --batch-interpreter python-fu-eval --batch - < gimpTest.py 
I am running the script
batch command: experienced an execution error.
<... I hit ctrl-C here otherwise it hangs forever...>
gimp: terminated: Interrupt
/usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/script-fu terminated: Interrupt

Now, many of the other posts had other scripting errors that caused GIMP
to display the "batch command: experienced an execution error." message,
but I cannot find any problems in my 3 liner.

While I am a complete newbie with scripting GIMP, I still cannot find
anything in the documentation or GIMP man page that would indicate that
my experience is the normal behavior. So, would someone please let me
know what silly thing I am doing wrong so that gimp.quit() will cause
GIMP to exit like the documentation says it should?

I should note that it is way too interesting that he script-fu is being
terminated with the ctrl-C rather than python-fu since the command line
specifies this interpreter. However, that is GIMPness way beyond my
level at this point.

Al Niessner

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