On Mon, 2008-02-18 at 11:05 -0800, Al Niessner wrote:
> I have found posts related to this error in the forum, but nothing
> really matches. I have also googled for a solution and found none.
> The difficulty that I am having starts with this really simple python
> script in a file called gimpTest.py:
> from gimpfu import *
> print "I am running the script"
> gimp.quit()
> It really does not get much simpler and yes there is a new line after
> gimp.quit(). I then invoke it using:
> gimp --no-interface --console-messages --no-data --no-splash
> --batch-interpreter python-fu-eval --batch - < gimpTest.py

I don't think using "--batch -" works with python-fu-eval. It might make
sense to add this as a special case just like it is being done for
script-fu-eval now.


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