GEGL 0.0.16
GEGL is a graph based image processing framework offering non-destructive image
processing and compositing on large images. GEGL is suitable for projects
ranging from small one-off projects to interactive applications.

Changes in this release
 • Install headers for development of external operation plug-ins.
 • Added rowstride argument to gegl_buffer_set ()
 • Made it possible for sink operations to do cunkwise processing
   through GeglProcessor.
   when processed using a GeglProcessor.
 • constification of GeglRectangles and babl formats.
 • Build and dist fixes, plugged annoying buffer leaks, GEGL now
   also works on OSX
 • New operations: stress, c2g, mblur, grey.
 • Reorganized operations directories.

A new release of babl is also available, GEGL will work best with
babl-0.0.20 or newer.

This release appears due to contributions from:

  Øyvind Kolås, Étienne Bersac, Kevin Cozens, Sven Neumann,
  Manish Singh, Michael Natterer, Hans Brauer, Deji Akingunola,
  Bradley Broom and Tor Lillqvist.

Where to get GEGL
GEGL and it's dependencies babl and glib can be fetched from:

The integrity of the tarballs can be verified with:

sha1sum *.bz2
ac3ac25c3d77bc1c812b64e843cac74287a50688  babl-0.0.20.tar.bz2
de262a29fc3c6c5fc1a436828044cf22756fb54b  gegl-0.0.16.tar.bz2
dacc3f4c810e69677846a9414374fd68f9073cd2  glib-2.15.4.tar.bz2

Where to get more information about GEGL
Information about GEGL can be found at the GEGL website

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