Iṕ've been talking to Schumanl and Prokoudine this afternoon, and they 
agreeded to indicate me to be GIMP's Google Summer of Code Admin 
(mostly: contact person), for 2008 edition.

I am willing to pick the role, but I have to know if everyone agrees, 
or if someone else would like to do it (Iḋ'd still colaborate).

Regardless of that the window for registration starts next Monday and 
it will be somewhat short.  So we have to get things ready at  
http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/SummerOfCode2008application and even more 
important (as this application is most bureacratic stuff I can fill 
in), we have to arrange the ideas we'd like to see implemented in 
this years' project - here 

We have up to  March, the 12th to have this in order. If I am in 
charge I'd prefer doing it even earlier. This is not "unmutable" 
though, and even applying students can suggest their own ideas.

And more important than filling the application, and having the ideas, 
are _mentors_ ! So people willing to mentor students, please do so at 
the application wiki page, and possibly indicate which ideas you 
would like to mentor. 



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