Hi -

this is just to tell you that I was planning to submit GIMP's 
application to GSOC tonight (/me at GMT -3). 

I am checking the google-bureaucracy, and the list of GSOC mentors 
should also be provided with this application.

We have no "offcial" mentors yet, but for Pippin for GEGL, Udi for 
UFRaw, Yosh and me (I am not even sure if Yosh would pick it), for 

Since tehre is no more time for the application (ok - teh deadline is 
12th, so I could wait to until tomorrow), we need a list of people 
willing to be mentors today.

Waiting for volunteers to setp ahead might take a while, so I am 
inviting ome developers here by name. If you thinkyou could mentor a 
project, please tell me so.

Also, google needs mentors to have a google e-mail account. Since the 
deadline is this close, please tell me your google mail account (or a 
new one) to me.

That said, can I enlist you as Google Summer of Code 2008 mentors?

- Mitch?

- Sven? 

- Simon?

- Yosh? 

- Bill? 

- Tor? 

- Enselic? 

- Kevin? 

Any other developer willing is mostly welcome.  I am directly inviting 
the people above because I'd be really improtant to have this list 



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