Hi Gimp folks!

We are getting close to the 3rd edition of the ibre Graphics Meeting, where, 
over the last years, we have been organizing the equivalent of GimpConf as 

It will take place in may, 8th to 11th, in Wrocław, Poland.

So, it is time for us to organize who is attending so that the conference and 
GIMP treasure can hep funding transportation fees.

People interested in attending, please send me name, and a rough estimative of 
the travel costs to getting there (sometime nearby we will need more precise 
values, but I prefer to have a rough estimate as soon as possible)

Note that in other years people where asked to put their names on a wiki 
page - this time, I am asking you to write me directly. We shall setup such a 
wiki page, but I am rather getting e-mails and preparing a list here without 
having to rely on the wiki.




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