>I do not think gimp needs to come with extra stuff by default. There is
     > more
     > than enough already.

well there are more then enough complex and seldom used features..
 but then some basic simple basic features are missed

2 examples of missed function available with extra script and plugin that in my 
user opinion should be adopted 

1 what is ps is called " Apply to image"(=copy visible+paste +add new layer) 
( available for gimp but not in gimp-out-of-the-box )

2 export layer(s )as
 (to replace it i use GAP "split image into frames" 
and i suppose "split image into frames" may be adapted to be a Gimp plugin 
instead then a GAP plugin...and renamed as "export  layer(s) as"

3 "Filter all layer" and "filterMacro"
Is available only installing GAP but why?
Is quite useful in gimp also for users that have no any specific interest in 
Animation....same for "Filtermacro" also only in GAP

Note that users have no way to install 2 and 3 if not installing the whole GAP 

    Alexia Death-2 wrote:
 .. What gimp needs is a quick drag-and-drop way
    > to "install" extras in packs. I have a script that I haven't put into
    > release
    > because it needs certain patterns to be installed too... And theres no way
    > I
    > can make that happen without some pain to users.

Well it is already possible and is very simple, but the problem is that many 
users at least on windows are not aware of it

1 suppose you have a pack of scripts, and the script requires some extras as 
extra gradient, pattern , even extra Gimpimpressionist preset

2 well is just needed put everything in folders with same name of related 
folders in usr/gimp as "script""gradient""pattern" "Gimpimpressionist",and 
inside "Gimp inpressionist a folder called " preset"and you zip everything

then the user wil have only to uncompress the zip in there as in C:/Document 
and setting/username/.gimp-2.4 to get everything in place

Problem is that
1 users are used to unzip the script in the script folder, they may overlook 
that in this case they must point the unzipper to "C:/Document and 
setting/username/.gimp-2.4 " instead then to C:/Document and 
setting/username/.gimp-2.4 /script"

2 Unzipper may have different defaults ,with some default   ( as "do not 
overwrite files") this will no work

But the concept work if a compressed folder script contain a gimp-24 folder and 
inside" script" "pattern " "brush" subfolder, if uncompressed in C:/Document 
and setting/username/.gimp-2.4 will put everything in the right place...and 
with just 1 click

Maybe is possible automatize this step (unzip in), because from user point is 
very simple but also a bit tricky 


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