Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Well, I thought the lookup for indexed images wouldn't be that good if
> > it goes through a list of colors like in GimpPalette.
> I don't see how that could be related to changes in the colormap editor.
Because it prohibits the use of a palette instead of a colormap
(directly), at least thats what i thought.

> > And my plan is to use GimpViewRendererPalette and make a
> > GimpViewRendererColormap from it so that both editors would mostly look
> > the same.
> Having both editors share some code is a good idea indeed. One way to do
> that would be to create an internal GimpPalette object from the colormap
> and to actually use the palette editor. Changes to the palette would
> then have to be reflected in changes to the colormap and vice versa.
So either that or only use the surroundings and write the renderer
specific to colormaps (which shouldn't be too hard, since it's only
exchanging iteration through the list of entries for the palette by
iterating through the entries of the colormap).

> This would be a little bit ugly though. Perhaps with some more
> refactoring, a cleaner solution can be found.

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