Sven Neumann wrote:
> next time, please reply to the list instead of only responding to my
> email address. We should keep this discussion on the list.
I hope this time my client does the right thing, *grr*

> This would be a little bit ugly though. Perhaps with some more
> refactoring, a cleaner solution can be found.
One thing what could be done is representing the current colormap as a
palette and therefore as a entry in the list of palettes. That would be
quite similiar to the four internal gradients, only that it requires a
bit more support (the colormap has no named entries, reflecting the
changes on the palette to the actual colormap for the image, and so on).
The colormap editor wouldn't be necessary anymore.
I'd think this is useful because it eliminates one additional dialog and
fits more with the rest of the palette system, plus maybe other
"special" palettes could be implemented.


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