Hello everybody,

I am currently updating an older plugin (one that is not in the distribution 
nor in the registry anymore) in order to bring it back to life (and, well, 
maybe learn something about Gimp programming as well).

The plugin although it worked quite well, seemed never to have been finished.

Now, there is a random function in this plugin, which according to 
documentation, would require a random number seed that is unique for every 
image that is going to be processed, i.e. the result of the random function 
should be identical for any identical image.  This, however, has not been 
implemented as such in the old files.

Now my idea was to use some sort or CRC on the drawable to get a seed for the 
random number generator, that would match these requirements.

Since I haven't been able to find a function within the libraries that I could 
use as a starting point (and of course I do not want to re-invent the wheel), 
my question is, if there is such a function that would provide an identical 
value for any identical image - or would I have to write a kind of pre-filter 
in order to generate that value ?

Thank you very much for listening,


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