I've just assigned the mentors to the projects they volunteered for. In most 
cases, this has been an easy choice :)

Both Joao and Manish did volunteer for the same python project, so we have to 
get this sorted out.

Final Ranking

We have now five slots. Ranking closes on 07:00 UTC on Friday, so we should 
have the top five projects sorted out by then. Mentors, please do contact the 
students and ask whether they do have other offers. There is an IRC meeting 
scheduled by Google to sort out duplicate allocations, but we really should 
know about any collisions beforehand.

LGM invitations

Sven has suggested that we could invite our students to LGM. Thus we should 
know whether they are able to work on our projects ASAP, because we can hardly 
expect them to make travel plans on short notice.

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