thanks to Michael for giving a warm welcome to the students. I think he
already mentioned pretty much everything. One detail that wasn't
mentioned is that GIMP development is currently closing in for the GIMP
2.6 release. We will make detailed plans for this at the Libre Graphics
Meeting. For the GSoC students this means that SVN trunk is not open for
any experiments. You should do your work on a branch that is created for
your particular project. The mentors will assist you with this.

With some luck, GIMP 2.6 should be released around GSoC mid-term
evaluation. At that point we can then check which projects are already
in a state that can be merged into the main tree. We would really like
to get all the features you are working on into GIMP 2.8 so that our
users can benefit from your work as soon as possible.


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