Dear students,

welcome to the GIMP and GEGL part of Google Summer of Code 2008!

We are very happy and excited about your projects, so let's make sure 
that you do know all that's needed for making them successful.

The two most important steps are related to the source code:

Getting the most up-to-date source code

GIMP and GEGL source code is managed in a Subversion (SVN) repository 
provided by the GNOME project. You can access it with a web browser at and use the viewcv feature to have a look, but in 
order to get whole modules you will need to use the Subversion client svn.

Getting the GIMP and GEGL trunk source code via anonymous SVN access is 
then as easy as

svn co gimp


svn co gegl

You should make sure that you can build GIMP and GEGL from this source 
code - it requires a few more tools than building from a release package.

Getting write access to the repository

When you are working on your project, you will have to be able to commit 
your code to the Subversion repository from time to time (do not worry 
about breaking anything, you will be able to work on your own branch of 
the source code).

You will need an account for the GNOME repository, though.

The procedure to get an account is outlined here:

and it links to the request form at

Full name and permanent email are obvious. The username has to be 
connected to your real name in some way, e.g. like mine:

   schumaml <-> SCHUMAcher MichaeL

For the SSH key, follow the procedure described in

Mention that you are a Summer of Code student working on a GIMP or GEGL 
project in the comment field, and choose the 'Access to Subversion' 
option from the Abilities. The GNOME project that can vouch for you is 
GIMP or GEGL, select it from the drop-down box near the bottom of the form.

Once you got write access, the URLs for the source code access change. 
For example, you'll get GIMP with

svn co svn+ssh://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/svn/gimp/trunk gimp

With a real login name, this would be

svn co svn+ssh://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/svn/gimp/trunk gimp

Getting help in case of problems

All of you have already been on our IRC channels, #gimp and #gegl on So I won't have to tell you that this is the fastest way 
to get help if you're stuck.

You won't have to wait for your mentor to appear there, almost everyone 
should be able to help you with general questions. Only if you need to 
get into details of your project, then your mentor might be the only one 
who can help.

For topics which do require longer texts (e.g. containing code), the 
developer mailing lists are better suited.

Stay in contact with your mentor

Make sure that your mentor does know what you're doing on the project.
Tell him about the planned steps and agree on how to proceed with the 

Next Summer of Code steps

We're currently in the Community Bonding Period, which runs until May 26.

Nothing prevents you from starting to code early, but maybe you want to 
take some more time to get familiar with all of the "how to create a 
patch, how to add some code, how do I not break anything else... :)"


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