I need to create an image map for the floorplan you see here:

I could use gimp's imagemap plugin as is, but 3 simple mods would make it even 
better.  What I would like to do is just click once on each number (so 98 
clicks) and save to a .txt file just the x,y of each click.  (I would then load 
the xy's into a database that would later generate the html image map with 
to who is at the various locations.) That is how I would use it this time, but 
the mods I am suggesting to make this happed would also add some features that 
might get used later.

1. default circle radius - in the preferences dialog, add a checkbox "use 
default radius" and a numeric input box.  When enabled, it would only require 
one click to create a circle, and all of the circles would be the same size. 
For consistency, it might be good to have a default rectangle too.  default 
would be more work, not sure it would ever be used.

2. suppress settings dialog -  preferences, "show Area Settings on Area 
creation"  on is current behavior, off would just add the area do the Region 

3. add a "File type" to the save as dialog. .map is the current behavior, .dat 
would be a CSV or something suitable for being read into a database.  Probably 
best if it is something that could be easily read back in via the 'Open' option.

I started looking at the source 
http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/gimp/trunk/plug-ins/imagemap/  and decided my C 
skills weren't up to it. But they are not non existent, so if someone wants to 
do a 0.1 version, I can build, test and maybe even debug it.

Carl K
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