When developing new features and modifying how things are implemented it
would be very convenient to have a set of test cases to go through to
systematically being able to detect if changes introduces regressions.

There currently are some 'make check'-test cases, but it is quite
tedious to write these kinds of checks for e.g. the tools.

If the author of e.g. a new tool would take some time to write a bunch
of test cases it would help a lot for future
developers that could use them to test wether their changes causes

I've just started thinking about this and I thought I'd bring this up to
discussion on the list. There are a couple of questions in particular I
feel needs discussion:

Is this a good idea?
Where should the testcases be stored/managed?
What format should they be in?
Does anyone know of good tools to help with these kinds of things?

I'm thinking we would store test-cases as simple version-controlled text
documents in ./testcases or something? Perhaps doing that and then
restructure things first when the need for a more strict structure arises?

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