Since one of the replies to my toolbar patch mentioned this should be
moved to the mailing list, here the mail and here the patch:

The bug report is at:

The patch adds a very simple standard Gtk toolbar to the Gimp image window:

It currently only supports a single toolbar and isn't customizable via
the GUI, but only by editing "menus/image-toolbar.xml". Which of
course isn't much, but it allows the patch to be pretty simple and
integrate well into the Gimp, since the toolbar behaves no different
then any of the other Image windows accessory (menubar, rulers,
scrollbars, etc.) and can be disabled just as them. Since this patch
is rather harmless I don't see much reason to not include it into
Gimp2.6, especially since the toolbar can be quite useful in many
cases, for example when using a graphic tablet and not having the
keyboard in an easy reachable position and is easy to disable when not
wanted. A toolbar is also a standard item that one expects from an
application, basically every other application has one, just not the
Gimp. And it is simply one of the features that I have missed the most
in Gimp for quite a long long time[1], which is the reason why I
implemented it.

One open question: Can menus/image-toolbar.xml currently be stored
inside ~/.gimp directory, i.e. is there a way to customize those .xml
files without messing around with the systemwide Gimp installation?

[1] I listed some other features that I have been missing for a while at:
But no promise that I will implement them to, just public brainstream
of stuff I miss.

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