I am wondering which data type GIMP uses to represent the color in a pixel
of an image? 8 bits/channel? 12 or 16 bits? float?

According to
http://pippin.gimp.org/image_processing/chap_dir.html#id2525344, there seems
to be some different representation types, but glaus is somewhat unknown to
me, though.

I’m having a bit of trouble myself deciding which type I should have in the
program I’m going to make, to use for each channel. If I use 8 bits per
channel, the different functions will probably run a bit faster than if I
use floating point values.

If you should, by chance, use floating point representation of the colors,
is there some function in GIMP to read a jpg image directly into an image
with floats, instead of using some function already existing to read it into
an image with 24-bit color and then convert it to floating point values?

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