Here an extended toolbar patch (unfinished work in progress, not meant
for commit in the gimp tree):


It adds a secondary toolbar, so that one can have two at once. This of
course is a little ugly, but I haven't seen any easy way to get an
arbitrary number of toolbars going. The patch also adds the ability to
load image-toolbar.xml from ~/.gimp/menus/, since this is implemented
in  app/widgets/gimpuimanager.c it also allows every other interface
xml file to be stored in ~/.gimp/menus/, which might or might not be a
desirable feature.

One issue that pops up when one tries to access all menu functions is
that most menu entries don't have an icon or an icon that is to
unspecific to be usable in a toolbar, i.e. "Select/Invert" has the
same icon as "Colors/Invert":


This requires either a lot more icons or a way to let the user
customize the toolbar icons, but likely both, especially when it comes
to user supplied scripts.

Another small issue is that the undo/redo icons disappear when one
resizes the window, they reappear when one stops the resize, but it
still looks a little weird.

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