hi, my name ek kian.
i'm sorry for my limited english, but i have questions about gimp modification.

i make gimp modification called gimphoto.

I'm sorry but this is my first time making software modification and
also my first time doing open source software, i hope i didn't do it

my first modification is based on GIMP 2.3.19 but it done at binary
level (i used hex editor to modify the file, this because i still
unable to compile GIMP under Windows) and also for second released
that based on GIMP 2.4.0, so there is no source code for first and
second released of gimphoto.

but for the latest release, gimphoto is based on GIMP 2.4.3 and
modified at source code level, so i released the modified GIMP source
code (can be downloaded at gimphoto.googlecode.com)

the GIMP modification that i made is:
- GIMP menu structure.
- disable many GIMP menu icon for speedup menu rendering (i don't know
under Linux, but under Windows this make speedup 25% for menu
- change GIMP built-in plugins menu location to adapt new menu structure.
- change default GTK Theme that used by GIMP.
- change splash screen.
- many external plugin still modified using hex editor rather than
re-compiled from source code.

Mr.Tor told me that there is possibility to do official modification
on GIMP with following some rules, where i can find the rules that i
must followed to make my modification officially?
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