Ek kian wrote:
> hi, my name ek kian.
> i'm sorry for my limited english, but i have questions about gimp 
> modification.
> i make gimp modification called gimphoto.

Hi Ek!

In order for a change to become part of GIMP there are basically two
criteria that needs be fulfilled:

1. The change must be a sensible change in the eyes of the GIMP
developers, that preferably realizes some or many parts of the GIMP
product vision [1]
2. The change must be done in a clean way that follows good general and
GIMP programming practices. GIMP programming practices and coding style
is probably best learned by studying the actual source code.

>From the list of changes you mention below, the improvements to the
plugins sounds most interesting to bring into GIMP, but in order to do
that we need a source code patch (a binary patch doesn't make sense
since as you probably know a GIMP release is a source code release, not
binary releases).

[1] http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/GIMP_UI_Redesign#product_vision

Best regards,
Martin Nordholts
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