I was about going through the pointers we added to the interesting
topics of the manual. Those links like "Basic Concepts" were added to
the menu to help users reading about things they might need to start
when using GIMP.

The manual has a few more interesting topics where I'd like to add links
to. So I've two questions:

    Since it's a script-fu script, I'd like to know if that is going to
    be migrated to an XML menu file?

    Unfortunately the menu is ordered alphabetically, which for the
    translated version looks kind of messed up. At first putting numbers
    in front on the menu entries came to my mind, which seems like a
    bad workaround on another thought. Is it possible to have some kind
    of ordering. Though probably problematic if it should stay the same
    with all the translations of the menu.

Roman Joost
www: http://www.romanofski.de

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