I've been asked to retort this here though I raised it initially at bug 541859 
using a different test case.

In GIMP 2.4.6 (Suse 10.3 Packman build, 32 bit Intel linux) the highlight and 
shadow buttons in Colours->Colour Balance seem to have no effect.

1. Open the attached grey.xcf file and choose Colours-> colour balance.
2. Choose shadow radio button.
3. Set slider to blue 50.
4. Click preview on and off  noticing how highlight is affected.
5. Save file.

Restart GIMP to ensure same initial conditions.
Repeat 1-5 but use highlight button, saving under a new name.

Compare the two output  files with cmp - they are the same!

Richard Driscoll

<<attachment: grey.xcf>>

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