In the Gimp, there is a toolbar which contains exclusively icons.

These icons display a tooltip when the mouse hovers on them :
"Select rectangular regions", "Add text to the image", etc ...

I am interested in the toolbar's ability to get automatically
resized along with the panel which contains it : 
when the panel is resized, the toolbar is also resized and the icons 
inside are reorganised on a number of lines and columns which varies 
according to the room given to the toolbar in width and height.

To make things clear : suppose you reduce the width of the panel,
then the toolbar's width is also reduced and then fewer icons can 
be displayed on a single line. So the right-hand icons are shifted
from line N to line N+1 on the left side. 

Is this kind of toolbar a specific component of GTK+ ?
Where can I find the source code of this component either
in GTK+ or the Gimp ?

I am waiting for your suggestions with great impatience.
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