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   > [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
   >> thanks for the explaination. I've checked and gimp-print is built with
   >> gimp option. Should that alter the dlg I get from gimp file print menu?
   > Are you building in gimp-print then doing a make install?
   > Is this the latest gimp-print from
   > ?
   > Check that make install is really succeeding.
   > If you already have gimp's built-in gtkprint plug-in, and you also
   > build gimp-print from the Gutenprint project, you'll probably end
   > up with two different File->Print... menu entries. One of them
   > should bring up the Gutenprint dialog, the other, the GTKprint one.
   > As long as you're building gutenprint yourself, I'd recommend
   > modifying their src/gimp/print.c: find the line that registers to
   >                           N_("<Image>/File/Print..."),
   > (line 166 in the latest version) and change the name, e.g.
   >                           N_("<Image>/File/GutenPrint..."),
   > Then you'll be able to tell the the two plug-ins apart and verify
   > that your gutenprint plug-in is really getting installed.
   >    ...Akkana

   Thanks,  a very good idea. I'm building 5.2.0-beta4 and the closest I can  
   find is src/gimp2/print.c , sadly I don't find anything that matches the  
   snippet you posted. What function is it in?

You don't need to do any of this any more; as of 5.0, the menu item is
"Print with Gutenprint" (if GIMP 2.4 or above is in use) to
distinguish it from the GTKPrint plugin bundled with GIMP.

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