> I don't think these things are in any po-files, but in separate files

Ah, OK, now I understand which strings you mean. Yes, it would indeed
be nice if these strings would also be translated, and if that would
happen as part of the normal localisation process, i.e. if the strings
were present in the normal .po files for translators to find.

As far as I see (Jernej will be able to fill in the details) these
strings are specified in the input files to the installer builder
Jernej uses (InnoSetup). These installer-builder source files can be
found at 
. (The latest one there seems to be from 2006 for GIMP 2.2, though.
But I assume they have changed since only in details.) In there you
find a file en.setup.isl that contains the English strings.

I don't know how InnoSetup manages localisation of the installer and
of strings that the installer adds to the Registry. But if we want
these strings to be translated by the translators using their normal
workflow, like the strings in the program itself, we need to 1) make
sure they appear in the .po files, and then 2) some tool should be
written that would take the message catalogs and spews out InnoSetup
format .isl files for the various languages.

As for the 1) part, it is relatively easy, just create some dummy .c
file which contains all these strings, and let it be scanned by the
mechanism which creates the .po files.

The 2) part requires some more work, but is hardly rocket science either.

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