> 2008-09-18  Sven Neumann
>         * app/widgets/gimpdock.c: made the font scale factor for the docks
>         configurable in gtkrc.
>         * themes/Default/gtkrc
>         * themes/Small/gtkrc: for documentation purposes, added the
>         default value for GimpDock::font-scale here. Changed all style
>         property names to use the canonical names.
> :-)
> Alexandre

We all love when grumpy Sven says NO! at first, but later he introduces
silently a patch.

Now seriously: That's a great option. Too big fonts were a problem for
us who use western characters, because they used a lot of screen space
and now the more compact dialogs look much better. But that seems to be
a problem for systems with eastern characters. So this patch will indeed
make everyone happy.
Thank you Sven!

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