Pigeon wrote:
>>        * app/widgets/gimpdock.c: made the font scale factor for the docks
>>        configurable in gtkrc.
>>        * themes/Default/gtkrc
>>        * themes/Small/gtkrc: for documentation purposes, added the
>>        default value for GimpDock::font-scale here. Changed all style
>>        property names to use the canonical names.
> It doesn't work (using ubuntu intrepid).
> Changing the GimpDock::font-scale entry has no effect whatsoever on the
> appearance of the fonts.
> Yet another pointless and annoying UI change. Please put it back the way it
> used to be, it wasn't a problem until you messed about with it.

Works for me when I put this:

style "gimp-default-style"
  GimpDock::font-scale              = 2.8333

in ~/.gimp-2.7/gtkrc. Are you sure you had the right syntax in your gtkrc?

- Martin
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