I was asked to bring this issue to the ML instead of discussing it 
on bugzilla so here we go.

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Simple facts from math and Gimp:
0 is empty set
A is just a set

what is A u 0 ? in Gimp it is 0
what is A \ 0 ? in Gimp it is 0

Such behaviour is even counterintuitive -- if I have selection and I 
remove one pixel from it I will get previous selection without that 
pixel. If I don't select anything, selection should be unchanged -- 
yet, Gimp removes entire selection

When I polishing images I am tired over time and Gimp makes me even 
more tired -- I from time to time just click a mouse (accidentally), 
or when selecting (adding) one pixel my mouse was moved (one pixel -- 
irony isn't it) on LMB release, in effect I selected 0 pixel instead 
of 1, and then I have to undo last operation because I lost my 

The current behaviour makes perfect sense for setting the selection, 
but not to adding/substracting. It does not help, quite contrary -- I 
have to focus more than I should because of the artificial limit of 
Gimp. When selecting 100x100 pixels you can't spot it, but when 
selecting one pixel Gimp policy is like "no mistake allowed".

And note that I am not handicapped.

Kind regards,

PS. I believe this mail was not delivered to ML (I checked in the 
archive for being sure) so I am sending it again.
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