Maciej Pilichowski ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Please, provide transparent color or in other words -- treat 
> transparency _also_ as a color.

I don't think that this is a sensible approach in general.

We currently use alpha to do proper antialiasing, compositing existing
photos on top of each other and in all of these cases a coupled
"alphacolor" (= color + alpha value) would be cumbersome and unhelpful.

> Such metaphor is more accurate to real world and thus more appealing 
> to weekend artist (who would like to do some things in simple 
> manner).

Note, that Gimp is not designed with the "weekend artist" in primary
focus. But even taking him into account the current model has served us
well for the last years and there has been very few discussion about
this specific problem, if it cropped up it was in the context of indexed
PNGs with "alphacolors" or generating textures for renderers. For the
general public the current model seems to generally work and I don't see
a compelling reason to change this.

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