Excuse the double post  in the first the subject went somehow lost and the rest 
reformatted in a weird way with question marks filling blank spaces
May be that this long discussion suffers a lack of communication?

to summarize

brushing a transparent color" is exactly as use the eraser (if there is
a alpha channel) Maciej Pilichowski seems agree on this point

what is missed
 seems just a equivalent of "AIRbrushing a transparent
color",,..a option in the eraser tool to use airbrush instead then a
brush will solve that, and for sure will be a cool new feature.

be is missed, also the possibility to select transparent area as was a
color,meaning using the magic wand or the color selector tool.. 

But since there is "alpha to selection"(=select transparency) that is no
too missed... well IS missed its usability since that option is hided
in a weird place and is not too clearly labeled( Layer menu really do not seems 
most intuitive
place to search function related to Selections)

For usability
may be good add to the "select by color" dialog a checkbox "select
transparency",..that checkbox if checked will simply
call  "alpha to selection" function and then invert selection(this from a 
developer's point of
view..from average user's point of view that will just "select the
transparency " as required)

To my logic (inverted)"alpha to selection" may be
well seen as a subset of "select by color" (in this case will be
"select by absence of colors " that as concept seems strictly related and may 
be called more clearly "select transparency"

believe a "use airbrush" option for eraser tool and a "select
transparency" checkbox added to " select by color" will be a nice
addition also for who is no much interested to " paint with transparent

then a question for Maciej Pilichowski..i understand you well?
"airbrush-eraser" to allow to "airbrush transparent color" and a more
intuitive place and name for "select transparency" will realize your

A palette with transparent color will be meaningless since if transparent the 
color will be not visible

 already gimp has gradients with "transparent Color"

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