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> 3
> May
> be is missed, also the possibility to select transparent area as
> was a color,meaning using the magic wand or the color selector
> tool..
> But since there is "alpha to selection"(=select transparency) that
> is no too missed... well IS missed its usability since that option
> is hided in a weird place and is not too clearly labeled( Layer
> menu really do not seems most intuitive place to search function
> related to Selections)

Well, I don't mind internals at all -- what I wish that for user 
(frontend) Gimp could behave like transparency would be also a color. 
You like working with alpha channel and using distinct set of 
tools -- voila, you like to work with color tools only -- voila.

Just an example: how to create black area. Select area and fill it 
with black color. How to create transparent area. Select area and cut 
it off.
This not the best example, because one can always argue "what is so 
hard to learn that you have to cut it off", but my point is -- why 
learn extra way in the first place. You are a master of fill feature, 
you set options, you change the fill "color". Occam's razor. 

The same applies to other tools. Again, every effect is doable now, 
but the UI would be much cleaner with the notion "colors", 
not "color, and oh that extra transparency channel" so it is treated 
like something alien among colors (in nature it is not -- water, 
glass, air are transparent as well as the chalk, snow, paper are 

> A palette with transparent color will be meaningless since if
> transparent the color will be not visible

But it can be presented in meaningful way, as much as it is now in the 

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