I'm testing Gimp 2.5.4 and it's amazing.
I know it's late for a feature request, but I think it's worth to
discuss about the current behavior of the new feature present in the
transform tools: the ability to set the transparency of the layer or
selection being transformed.
I think it would make more sense to apply that transparency to the
original layer instead of the transformed instance.
In most cases, the original occludes the background, and what the user
usually wants is to see the transformed object on the final context.
This situation becomes particularly annoying when scaling down images.
The larger original doesn't let the user see the real background, where
the transformed image will end up. So this new transparency function
would be much more helpful (in my oppinion) for the original, not for
the "target".
Somebody suggested in the IRC channel that the original should simply
dissapear, because the user wants to see the result of the
transformation, not the original.
I think that there are lots of situations where having a reference of
the original, un-transformed image would be very useful, but not that
useful if having it doesn't let me see the background.
So, what do you think about applying the transparency  to the original
insteado of applying it to the transformed image?


P.s.: I'm having a problem with the windows position when compiz is
active (it works fine with metacity). The position of the windows is
remembered, but they open a tad lower than the original position. It
causes that the lower part of the windows appear behind the gnome's
bottom panel (I'm using Ubuntu 8.04.1, 64 bits). 

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