I would love to see this feature implemented by default in gimp.What does it do?

Gimper is meant to be used together with The GIMP. When it is set up
correctly, it allows the GIMP toolbox to have an "autohide" behavior.

It displays a thin image at the left side of the screen and activates
the GIMP toolbox whenever you hover over it with the mouse. This is
useful when the "Focus Follows Mouse" policy is set with the "Auto
raise" option for the window manager.

it makes the toolbox and docks autohide when you are not using them.So
to get to them,you must only hover over a small screen area.. This
perticular feature is very valuable for an application such as
gimp,which with those huge buttons,no groping of tools,huge text, make
its toolbox and dialogues big enough to take almost 2/3 of the
screen.leaving only 1/3 for the actual canvas,so the user must
repeatedly click on them and move them out of the way.

Im sure thats an old complain,and that you would answer that i should
take it to the gtk devs,but atleast have the ability to set the huge
boxes hide when not in use . Screen space is very valuable,especially
for someone who is making graphics. Just try gimp in 800x600, you will
see what i mean.
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