> I made a speed test with Python and found out that it's
> too slow for pixel ops. I change to C now.
> Furthermore the docs for a C plugin are much better than
> these for Python.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your response.

Sven seems to know alot about it, he thinks python speed is good.

That would be because people are leveraging numpy and pixel_regions.  You can 
blit to a pr in a flash, afaict.  I have not done timing tests.

I recommend you look over this page:


...then see how people are blitting numpy arrays into pixel_regions.
AFAICT that is the deep secret.  And find Travis Oliphants book on numpy;  it"s 
350 pages.  He just freed it about two weeks ago.

Now, if I could ask for your help on my little problem, I just dont know how to 
treat only a rectangular selection in my plugin (and return a result as a new 
layer).  That would be a big help.  Check out the attachment when you have some 

It is beginning to behave -- on my dataset, weather charts.

See you,

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