Hi all,


There are free booths available via the Linux Foundation and Linux Magazine at 
the CeBIT trade show, March 3-8, 2009, Hannover, Germany.
The Conditions are:

      * The project should be ready to present its contents and goals in
        a well-defined and informative manner to interested trade show
Do we have banners, flayers, etc.?

      * The project should prove that it has a clear idea how to present
        its concepts and topics understandably.
Doesn't sound like a problem.

      * The project booth must be manned during the entire trade show by
        members who are especially attentive to participants.
      * The booth must be set up and operating from the beginning of,
        and throughout, the trade show.
I think I can go there but I think wee need at least 3 people.

      * The project should sufficiently notify its community about its
        participation in CeBIT Open Source 2009.
      * The project should make the general public aware of its
        participation in CeBIT Open Source 2009, such as by reference to
        the CeBIT website in press releases.
Doesn't sound like a problem.


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