We can happily conclude that the GIMP 2.6 release overall has been very
well received! So far it also seems to be a very stable release, at
least for being a dot-zero.

After spending quite some time mostly in our own #gimp and the freenode
#gimp answering questions, I can see two questions that are particularly
frequently asked.

A. How do I get the new window management to work on Windows, and
B. How can I remove the toolbox Wilber?

Regarding question A, there is not much we can do except waiting for
someone to improve this in the Windows GTK+ backend.

Regarding question B however, I believe we need to do something. It
doesn't seem as if people easily make the association we wanted them to
make: where you see Wilber, you can drop an image to open it. (Some
people doesn't even see that it is Wilber, although IMO it is pretty
obvious.) I see two options:

1. Hide the toolbox Wilber by default, or
2. Add a UI in the Preferences to toggle toolbox Wilber on and off.

When Wilber was added in the toolbox in the development version my
opinion was that he should not be in the Toolbox, and I still have that
standpoint. In other words, I think we should go for option 1 for GIMP

What are peoples thoughts here?


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