> Instead of
> getting a GUI file chooser, the main plug-in function is
> executed, and
> the the name of the currently selected palette is passed
> instead of
> "this_file"
> Attaching to another menu (<Toolbox>/Xtns/, for
> example) works as expected.

I didnt find it (where is this menu?)...

Maybe a pallette or something is passed by default and you have to have a 
placeholder for it -- as with (image, drawable) when it lives at <Image>.

def test_attach(p, this_file):
    print "Test type(p): " + type(p) 
    print "Test file: " + this_file

BTW, I have noticed that this fails "trying to convert to Unicode".

    (PF_FILENAME, "filename", "Output file:", \
    os.path.expanduser("~/tmp.svg")),  # fails 

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